Smiling in Sunlight

As i sit writing whatever it is i am writing i see in the beautiful a beautiful lady, a pretty a great woman. Alive and strong she sits in the sun light enjoying a cup of tea and some time for her. Ange is strong and alive she is beautiful she is lovely Ange has been given a  gift. After that hurtful phone call that her hubby was lying motionless on a warm tar road she stood up and took on the challenge that of digging deep and to help her husband to reboot and become strong. I could never have been able to stand so strong without her right at my side.

A brain injury rips one apart taking everything leaving nothing. Start over it tells all those that choose to stay. Those that do choose to stay will not know of the future challenges which lay in the dark. They will soon be exposed to the new person which they love dearly my Ange faces so many great challenges each and every day. She stands tall and strong even though the challenges are hurt full and challenging she will not be broken and knocked down she will be there awaiting the next challenge of a TBI.

Thank you my love, thank you so very much for everything you have done and do for me every day. Enjoy the amazing rays which grace your beautiful soul.

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