Happy Happy Birthday

Happy Happy Birthday Bevan

Ange asks me yesterday;

‘What do you want for your birthday?’

Oh I shout it’s my birthday tomorrow wahoo! This memory thing of mine is here to stay its okay for me the bad day of yesterday is over in the morning. A good day seems to stay a while which is great I will take that. I guess my rebooted brain is in top form, who wants memories of a bad day to stay in anyway.

What do I want? I have everything I want and need. A great gift will be for a few people in my life to wish me. We all want that I guess there will not be many calls I know this the world is evolving calls aren’t really how it works anymore. A Facebook post is generally how it works now although a call is special. I have had two of the three calls I really want, my dad my Cammy the last is Keegs I know it will come he is still sleeping I know this well. Cammy is the first to wake she is an early bird like her dad.

I do actually want a gift for my birthday though; this gift cannot be given by anyone except myself. I would like to be able to not have to take a daily dose of chronic medication. I cringe as Ange is hurt by my outbreaks babes she says in a hurtful voice as I explode about some stupid issue let it go she will say.

‘Have you taken your pills today?’

Yes is my immediate response soon after my response I walk to the bathroom to swallow the Large pills.

To celebrate a birthday is an amazing event, as a saying goes by the Red Indian community; it is a privilege to grow old a privilege denied by many.  Tonight we will celebrate my birthday at my favourite restaurant with my amazing wife and kiddies. I’m looking forward to that today I will celebrate being alive and well. Yee haa another birthday and I am alive and well.

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