I’ve Done That

I’ve Done That

As I got to bed the other evening my mind wondered through recent events of my life. The New York Marathon first strolled into my thoughts. Wow I have run this amazing marathon not once but twice. The second time around I was keeping to my word I had given Denis. Pay it forward and help another TBI person across the finish of the NYM. I achieved this milestone I gave another a once in a lifetime dream. Nic completed the 2019 NYM.

There have been many other great achievements in my life since my accident;

I have completed the 94.7 cycle challenge.

I have completed many other half marathons, one being the most difficult in Gauteng this one I set my new personal best.

I have spoken to many people giving them inspiration to get up and live their life with a smile on their face.

I have spoken live on radio.

I have had a two page article written on my never give up spirit in an international runners magazine.

I have written a book.

I have completed an audio book.

There are more but my greatest achievement was fighting off the grim reaper and standing up from a seven week coma. I stood up and vowed to myself that I will not sit in a corner and feel sorry for myself I will live my life the best I can and I will live with a smile on my face. This is the greatest by far to be able to live my life strong willed and strong minded. My story has just begun there will be many more achievements I will reach new goals, climb higher mountains.

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