Thank You

Thank You

Yesterday during my Bio session with Jiten I asked him a rather silly question. If I continue with my Bio sessions for the next ten years will my body become stronger? Of course it will I thought a while later. I asked this question because I had just been on a run and now during my session my battery had in a few seconds started beeping. The red light was now flashing and I know in a few moments I will crash.

I then told Jiten I am not doing too well here as per usual he looked away from the camera and kind of said in a muttered voice.

“And your problem is”.

I can laugh at him I know I should not have said anything at all because he knew I was struggling. He knew it but he will not allow me to give in a few moments he says just a few more. I guess he was waiting for me to start complaining. I know he knows me so well when I am having a bad day I don’t have to tell him he just knows.

Today I ran again my aim is to run every day until winter comes next year. When it arrives I will sit back and relax for a couple of months. My aim next year is to run a marathon in under six hours. The only reason I have a fitness aim I guess is because of being introduced to Justin’s practice.

I remember Joost saying that as his body started becoming weaker so he grew weaker. I don’t want my body to become the demise of me. One of my dreams is to be fit and strong way after the age of sixty and I know that with Jiten and Justin at my side that will be possible.

Thank you Jiten for putting up with all my moaning during our sessions. You have been and are part of my recovery well not only my recovery my wellbeing. To all those part of Justin’s practice all of you guys are truly special. I know you all studied to work in this field but it is so much more than a job. It is a way of life you guys do and help so many people, people that many won’t even look at just because we look or act different.

I am strong because of special people that have helped to get me strong. As Jiten says- dig deep china it’s there dig deep.




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