Everything Will Be Okay

Everything Will Be Okay

This morning early I text Naomi Hi how are you I say. Usually the text reads-Coffee??????? Actually there is no text I just rock up at her door once I see her light is on. I ask how she is because of the past couple of days she has had to face. Her husband has just suffered an Aneurysm last night the doctor’s operated and all went well. I have been directly touched by her pain.

My good friend Anton who I met at Headway suffered an Aneurysm actually I think two not sure but I do know he is one of the strongest people I know. He stood up told death to get on his way life for him was not over yet.

I know many people that have been knocked down by a brain injury but the people I know have all been people I have met at rehab not anywhere else. Now though it is someone I know well someone away from Headway. As we sit sharing a cup of coffee I see Naomi’s eyes are alive and sparkling. The weight of last night has left her shoulders she can relax for a while now and enjoy a moment on this awesome spring day.

We all say how life can change overnight we say this but we don’t understand it until it truly does. I can try feel Naomi’s pain or be sympathetic but truthfully I will never know how she feels ever that is for her I can only be there for her. I will be there just as she is there for both Ange and me. I do know that a brain injury is extremely difficult on the ones closest to the person that sustained the TBI or ABI.

Once again in a strange way I will use what happened to me to try help another get over this mountain which lays ahead in their road. Today is special for so many reasons Naomi but for me the most special part of it was seeing you smile. Not just smile but seeing how you smiled you are such an amazing and strong person. You carry so much love with you and each and every day you hand out your love in heaps and bounds. Never ever asking anything in return I also know you will not ask for anything. I know you will not ask us for anything but we are going to continue to offer everything we can. If you need something and do not take what we offer that is just fine if you do take whatever it may be that is just fine too.

Ange and me are a ping away have a great day Naomi.


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