Too Early to Talk

Too Early to Talk

I say to myself don’t even try you know it’s way too early. We don’t have a choice the other Bevan has already invited the bright light of the phone into the darkness to check. The bright numbers read 01H20. This goes on and on every few minutes until I then stand up and so I will now shower.

As quiet as I can I sneak to the shower torch in hand its way too early for lights. Showered, coffee at my side and back in the room I must now bounce around the room as quietly as I can. This is not going to work the room is way too small for me. I then as if for the first time notice the darkness beyond the boundaries of the room.

I will sneak outside to see what the darkness of the bush can offer. I cannot sneak out the lounge sliding door that sliding door will wake Ange up in Johannesburg. My exit point has to be the window this is just fine the windows are just off the ground level and besides I have done this many times in the past. Window open torch in hand I am almost out when I think it is still dark and the electric fence (a single strand of wire to keep elephants out) what about the many predators such as lion and leopard. Oh crap I think so it’s back to my room to fetch one more important item-my cap.

If I am taken whilst outside everyone will see my blue New York cap laying in the direction I was dragged by the pride of lion’s or the leopard this way my body will be recovered good thinking I say to myself.

I love star gazing and for me this moment right now is amazing. The night sky becomes a live show of dancers dancing this way and that it is simply amazing and alive. Soon after my discovery of the millions of dancers I realize I am not alone in the darkness I am surrounded by the ones that are awake in the darkness the hunters!

I realize this because I am quiet but they aren’t they are talking it isn’t too early for them to talk. I stop and listen I then hear the roars of the lions the many lions they aren’t talking about the meal that has wondered onto their plate they are saying goodnight to each other they have already hunted and are heading home. I then hear the many Hyena’s they too are heading home their voices like the stars dance in the wind. A while later there is silence and now another voice sounds it is the Jackal the male screams out a few seconds later many other screams are heard from all directions it is his many ladies  he has one from that valley one from that open grassy area I know of one from that hill top and so on. I also know the darkness will soon be chased away by the light I know this because the Jackal are the last to call out to each other.

Well I should also head back to my open window refill my cup of coffee and take off my cap my body will not be a meal tonight.

Just one problem it is still too early to talk.


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