Silence is Golden…but So Scary

Silence is Golden… but so Scary

Sitting on our farm Drakensig with my dad, Olga and Corry overlooking the dammmetjie, the bush and far in the distance the Northern Drakensburg wow so beautiful. The sun starts to set and my dad starts to talk about the amazing silence which starts to surround us. He talks of how the silence heals one and how its invisible magnificence fills us.

One of us is not on the same page his memories of the silence and the darkness starts to overwhelm him. Corrie’s eyes show fear and memories of a young boy that did not do too well with the silence and darkness which we now enjoy. Corrie lived here he grew up here on the farm. He was schooled nearby in a boarding house every weekend he would come home to rest but the rest was difficult for him.

Corrie let’s say is now thirteen he has come home for the weekend now laying in his room using a candle to complete his homework (those days no power). As he does his homework he can hear the sound in the distance down at the river it is the sound of the Lister water pump tucking away pumping water from the Oliphant’s River to their home.

Soon now he silently thinks soon now. Corrie he hears as his mom shouts to him to go and turn off the pump. He slowly stands as he stands his head lowers to the floor he takes a few deep, deep breaths ties his laces and heads to the door. He must now in the pitch black do the pump run and back. He will run to the pump turn and hold the switch for too many seconds to the left until the beast is silent. Leave the switch and run back as fast as possible up to the house.

The pump sits on the bank of the river under the huge wild fig trees some five hundred meters from their home two hundred meters higher than the river. He must run amongst the big five also the pump is located right where the hippos live. As we all know hippos leave the water as the sun disappears to feed. Hippos kill more people in Africa than any other of the big five. Corrie will be dodging all these dangerous killers just to save a small amount of diesel umm yes okay.

Corrie explains to us that as he reaches the pump the fallen fig leaves starts to disturb the silence with great affect as he tries his best to walk this is impossible there are just too many dry leaves. As Corrie talks I feel his fear and his enthusiasm to get back to the tiny flickering light of his now dying candle.

Wow I think how strange it that we sit here enjoying this overwhelming beauty of the silence and the darkness when he sits here in fear of those memories. Well Corrie you are a great man a strong and fearless man I look up to you with so much respect and love. Your two kiddies are so very lucky to have a fearless warrior at their side one they look up to with pride and respect.

The beautiful silence-sjoe I certainly have a new respect for both the silence and you. Well done you good man. Thank you for your friendship thank you so very much.

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