I love my life I love the everyday surprises the usual bits and pieces. I love most parts of the day however that day turns out is generally great. I would go so far to even say I love the not so good sections which tend to snap at me every now and then.

I say the pieces which snap at me or try to take bite sized chunks from me as it passes as if this is a good thing. Well in truth for me it is a good thing it’s a great thing. Tomorrow when I wake and find a bite sized chunk from me gone or a thorn stuck in a sensitive part of me I will know that yesterday could have been far worse than what it turned out to be. Waking and remembering a bit of pain is great it is great because the pain is telling me I am alive.

Yesterday was however real special. I had Cammy come over for a visit she came over to help me with my book. I asked her if she could read the chapter that Ange wrote as Ange was unable to, it was far too difficult for her-too many deep emotions. I told her to let me know when she was close-I will meet you at the gate I say. I’m close dad she says cool I will meet you there. As Cammy pulls to the visitor’s entrance I open her door and tell Scarlet hop in. I close the door and jump into the back.

I see the look on Cammy’s face-the look of who the heck is this? Once in the back I apologise and tell her this is Scarlet or actually I say this is my little red tomato. Another look of confusion on Cammy’s face! I call Scarlet my little red tomato before today I had no particular reason for this I just did.

As Cammy starts reading Anges eyes well up and walks quickly from the lounge we won’t sit with Cammy we will sit outside. Chapter done Ange then cooks up a storm she bakes us carrot muffins-yummy. As we sit chatting and munching on the freshly baked muffins Ange tells me that I used to call Cammy my little red tomato. I look to Scarlet her eyes sadden as if her name has now been taken from her. I look at her and say that it is your name now Cammy is big she can’t be my little red tomato. Scarlet once again is happy we all are happy today is a special day I feel warm and get slightly emotional.

Being emotional tells me that there are people here enjoying each other-special people. I used to call my daughter my little red tomato wow that’s news to me. I guess by renaming Scarlet that it did not come from nowhere it came from a special place. Naomi and Scarlet are close to both of us. Another good day in a tough time.


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