A New Way of Life

A New Way of Life

As father time ticks on so does covert 19. Many countries made the great decision to enforce a lock down. What does this mean for all of us…well in each country there are slightly different rules and regulations. Whatever the conditions it doesn’t matter Covert as it seems is here to stay for a while.

A new way of life is what it generally comes down to. In SA most of the shops have reopened well somewhat it seems generally essential services. Is having a cigarette or a beer/glass of wine now and then behind closed doors going to elevate the infection rate to sky high proportions. No is the simple answer most defiantly not. Why then should I be denied a glass of wine? As I sit in the evening I can relax and enjoy a simple drink. No you cannot you have to abide by the rules says the government.

Well I can, I can arrange a cigarette and some beer or wine at any time within 30 minutes and I have whatever I want delivered to my door. Yee haa I don’t even have to drive to the shops what a pleasure. The very restrictions enforced I guess are to protect the larger part of our population this is the very place I acquire whatever I want in the poorer sections of the country. So now the black market is booming anything any time um yes and the government knows nothing of this, Give me a f…… break. The sad part of this is how much tax has and is the government losing? Tax that can help to feed the poor during this tough time I believe it is the poor that feel this lock down the most. Oh well once again we are shown the true face of living in South Africa; Corruption perhaps?

This post is not a bitch session it is a realistic way of life we now face. Stay at home, work from home and keep away from populated areas. The real question I ask is having a relaxing beer or cigarette not a way to unwind and in a small way essential for those that would like to relax without spending a fortune to do so?

I get the staying away from crowds and when leaving the security of your house wear a mask. A child born in this tough time will say to their kids when I grew up life was different it was tough so stop your bitching and get out of the house and play with your friends.

Well for us now it is a new way of life and perhaps this post IS a bitching session for me. I have been at home now for five years and on the 12th of August the day my life would change forever. I will be launching my book in an audio form which has been a real challenge and has been extremely emotional. Why can I not have a beer to relax a little after a difficult day of recording? I find I get so emotional I cry often as I read my words aloud I then have to stop delete the section and restart. I can have a beer and a ciggie but what about those that cannot.

Perhaps this is essential let the few that do enjoy a beer or ciggie have one but they cannot as they are not allowed to they will be breaking the law. I feel buttons I will have a cigarette and a beer when I need to get rid of the outcome of a hard day it’s my right.

A new way of life for us all- I guess.


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