Teacher Ange?

Teacher Ange

I ask Ange please can you please help Nkosi’s son Orchard he is battling with accounting in school. I’m not a teacher says Ange. A few days later I get told that Orchard will be here today for his first lesson, umm okay I thought you weren’t a teacher.

I know that when I had asked Ange to help there is no way she will say no it is not in her nature to say no. She will to me but not to a young man that needs a little help. This morning I see Ange is anxious walking around getting focused on the task at hand today will be her first teaching lesson.

Anges phone beeps-Orchard is here let’s go get him from the gate she says. In the car and off we go as we take the quick drive to the gate I see Ange has a sparkle in her eyes. I can see it is a sparkle of excitement.

The two of them sit at the lounge table, well Ange stands Orchard sits I see Ange is not going to let this one slip away. Not without her keeping a close eye on him. What’s this, what’s that, how do you do this, why? You know this Orchard it goes on and on many questions many what’s and why’s.

A smile and an occasional laugh slips from Anges lips as she highlights the important points. You must go through all these questions at home make sure you understand this before moving on. If you just read it it won’t help you must understand it.

I must say Orchard answers most of Anges questions I do think he is sharp and I am sure with Anges help he will do just fine. I must also say Ange is a great teacher she has a natural ability to understand what Orchard needs.

As I write this post I hear Ange is helping Orchard a method to study. The arrangements have now been made Orchard will be back next weekend. There are last words from Ange.

“Come next weekend but you have to do the homework! Remember your mind map Orchard.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

And Ange says she is not a teacher, well I don’t know about that. I think you rock Ange!


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