It’s Really Easy but It’s So Hard

Its Really Easy but It’s So Hard

The other day as in sat with my good friend Naomi and her sister I was asked a question by her sister; but why can’t you work? You look fine I wouldn’t know you have a brain injury she says.

Naomi sits quietly as I try explain the issues I have in terms of my staying at home each and every day. Another day without going to work. She knows me she does not need to ask why I don’t try work at whatever job it may be. I ask myself that question each afternoon the following morning I get the answer-quickly!

I am awake early again before four I turn on the kettle make a cup of coffee I do this quietly as Ange must work in a few hours. I get to my computer and continue with the recording of my book. I then have a break and get to the kitchen once again to wash and clean up. Right so there is a short description of what should be a productive hour or so.

This is what actually took place; I only slept a few hours last night so at about ten I will crash.

  • It wasn’t coffee I made it was something.
  • I spilt it all over the floor from the kitchen to the lounge.
  • It fell as I placed it ‘gently’ on the table.
  • I wanted to clean it up but forgot what I wanted to do as I walked to the kitchen.
  • Three or so attempts later it was clean but now there is smoke throughout the house.
  • I had started to prepare some porridge on the stove and forgot.
  • At this stage Ange has asked me a number of times to please be quiet.
  • I begin to clean the kitchen a few broken glasses and another burned attempt at breakfast later I get back to the lounge to continue with my book.
  • Oops I haven’t even started yet-I forgot too many other distractions. Well only one that was trying to make a cup of ‘coffee’.

As the day becomes warmer the list goes on and on. I now think what job will I actually be able to do- wash cars? Imagine when the owner of the vehicle comes to collect his car do you think it will still be the same colour? I think it will but in truth I don’t really know.

I love getting out of bed each morning with the Vader’s (my two cats, Darth and Jeff). I love watching the sunrise I love life, I love my wife and I love to laugh at the crazy ways my day went. What is life without a good laugh in anyway.

I will be launching the audio version of my book on the 12TH of August. Five years to the day of my accident (if i remember).


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