Three of Us

Bevan, Bevan and Bevan

Many, many posts ago I wrote about the three ME’s. This me that me and the other me. I did this because as I continued on my journey through life I had to understand who I was. The three ME’s was the best way I understood how. I still refer to the three ME’s or should I say there is and always will be the three of us. That me was the Bevan before the accident, this me is who I look at in the mirror now and the other me is the crazy me or the one that has difficulty understanding life now the difficult part of my TBI the blank me.

I saw Naomi the other day and she commented who I was today? I only now realise it was the other Bevan that showed up for a visit. Naomi knows me so well she can tell in an instant who is sitting with her sharing life.

This morning I woke up it was dark and I wanted to know the time. I then start playing a guessing game with the other me I said 05h30 he said 6 am. Eventually I feel around and turn on my phone it is 05:46! I then realized we were both right between five and six. The minute I took to guess the time and see the time took a minute or so.

This is proof to me that there will always be three of us. This is all fine who else can say they have spent one life living in three bodies. Well I can and I am okay with this besides the other me is the person that shows up every now and then from another time or place to keep me on track.

The other time or place is a long story I won’t go there Naomi will know what I speak about I bet she is smiling and laughing a bit as she reads this.  If I do something wrong I will blame the other Bevan which will be pretty strange as I explain to the police officer… but it wasn’t me it was the other Bevan. Ja that won’t go down too well Ange will have to fetch me from a mental institution. This is why we are both here; to keep us in on piece as I have a long life ahead of me.

That me is gone this me is here now and the other me is far away in another wold which I am aware of which may seem crazy but I know it is there.





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