Roller Coaster!!!!!!!

Roller Coaster

Then they here then they’re gone the whole day all day every day. It’s like a freaking roller coaster from a mountain top with its slopes covered in a thick icy shield down to a calm beautiful lake. The mountain is high it constantly rains icy drops the size of grapes. The Wind blasts in all directions bringing the icy grape sized droplets horizontally as if fired from a shotgun. It takes an eternity to climb a few meters but I have to because at the peak lays the doorway to my life.

The beautiful crystal clear lake is my place of peace and quiet it is my safe place it is where the Bevan from before the accident spent great times many great times. This lake as strange as it may seem sits behind the doorway at the top of that scary mountain-that beast of a mountain. The one that knocks me down each and every day.

Short moments during my climb I find myself sitting at that lake breathing in the beautiful air of life. As soon as I start to enjoy those treasured moments I am grabbed from behind grabbed with an icy rock hard grip. Yip it is that grey dark mountain he will not allow me to sneak through he will not allow me to spend more than a few moments there. I must climb to the top he tells me he tells me to give in and turn around he tells me I will not make it he tells me to rather quit go home to your lose ends he says there is nothing for you here.

I respond to him not in fear or in defeat but in strength and in wit. I tell him that he is only so big and scary because I made him so huge I made him so scary. I then laugh and I tell him that if he weren’t so big and scary what would be the point of me climbing at all. To climb a small green hill is life with no adventure no challenge.

I then turn from him with a smile on my face. I take another step towards the peak I can see it and I am not afraid. I know this is a great challenge and I do not know how long it will take for me to get there. I don’t doubt myself but I don’t know how I will just yet but I will. The when is the unknown but this is just fine.

You see I put that mountain there and I also am able to open other doors. Other doors which neither the mountain nor me knows about and sit at the lake for a moment. It is just a short moment but it is perfect because it gives me strength to carry on fighting. I will never stop climbing when I reach the doorway which sits high above the clouds on this beast I know there will be another.

I will stand on the peak happy and proud and as I stare into the beyond I will see another monster of a mountain a greater one right in the centre of my road. I won’t be sad I will just say to myself is that all you got…serious.

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