Time Gone

Time Gone

During this lockdown period I notice that in reality time is no longer part of our day. I do not speak of father time the one which ticks on no matter what our daily life may bring. I do not talk of the sun that rises and sets each day. I talk of the time in our daily doings.

Today I make breakfast it is early and hunger has shown up. Ange tells me it is already 1 pm what has become of the morning? Well I say we have not eaten so it will be scrambled eggs in truth it does not matter. It does not matter as we only lay down to sleep early this morning in any way. Now we shall eat breakfast.

This morning I routed out a three kilometre run within the complex. There will be no doubling back on our roads as the complex is large it has many paths winding through the many indigenous trees. I need to start running again and after the news that a few runners and walkers have been robbed at gun point I will not become one of the statistics.

My aim is to run 42.2km every month or so. I can do this within the safety of our boundary walls. I will have to run my route fourteen times which is fine I will have onlookers counting the laps as I reach my target. Yes after five or six hours later I will walk to the front door and tell Ange of my distance and that this was done in a safe environment.

I am over the sitting at home watching my belly expand due to eating too much and no exercise. I do my Bio twice a week which is awesome but this is not enough for me. I watched Jiten doing a 25 push up exercise which gave me the push I needed to restart my running.

After forgetting three times to video my push ups for the challenge I got Ange to record my fourth twenty five push ups which adds up to one hundred for the morning. I feel great and I am ready to start my running goal to complete a full marathon in our complex.

Time is no longer an issue for us I do not have to call Ange at five in the afternoon to ask how her day is and what time she will be leaving for the shitty journey home in the traffic. We are turning this lock down to our advantage. We can and we will we will because we want to. Or another of my sayings I keep close to me; when it gets too hard it is never hard enough.

Bring it on life is good as another day goes by and we watch another amazing sunrise soon we will sit on the patio in the warmth of summer. Winter would have gone by and the time it took would have not been a factor in our lock down. I guess we all have to find our own way to deal with the great changes in our world we now face.

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