Olive Dale hospital?

Olive dale Hospital?

My good friend Naomi is at the door, come Bevan lets go. In her car and away we go I am off to the hospital I need to have my blood tested. Today is blood tomorrow it will be a scan. There seems to be an unwanted guest which has moved in. The guest is not welcome and will soon be eradicated.

We get to Olive dale hospital at the entrance we are stopped to fill in a thousand forms obviously because of Covert 19. This is fine but I can feel the Atom bombs have been loaded a couple more f…… questions and the entire hospital will know TBI is here. Eventually the forms are complete but as we want to proceed a security guard puts out his hand. Sorry he says you cannot have your blood tested here. He has been right at the forms as we filled them in. he knew long ago we are here to get to the lab.

So here we go atom bombs in the chamber and the first one is launched-KABOOM! And again KABOOM one after the other whomever it is that walks to silence me are blasted. For first time Naomi gets to see the Bevan outside the boundaries of home.

Naomi tells the nursing staff standing around please he has a brain injury he is upset. She then pulls me aside look into my eyes she says.

‘Calm down Bevan it’s just fine I will sort this out, come sit down here-and don’t move’.

Naomi knows the drill of a hospital she works in one. I want to see the manager a few moments later a lady walks up and tells us we are not allowed to have a blood test here if the doctor does not work here we just need to go to the Ampath lab she says. Oh and I want the manager you are not the manager. She leaves and is never seen again.

Where is the manager why is he or she not here WTF? Get your house in order put the right people at the entrance get your ass out of bed idiots. Oh and if you want to sue me because I have blasted your shitty service stand in the que it is long and it may take a while.

Thank you so very much Naomi for all you do for me now you understand the difficulties Ange goes through when we leave home. You are special and I appreciate everything you have done and do for me. We did have a good laugh as we leave I think you and I should not go shopping as you have offered many times we may both be locked up. When we get home Ange will say to you I told you so. I promise I will try to behave at you place of work.





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