Good to See You

Good to See You

This morning I meet Jiten for my Bio session via video link of course. After Bio I grab a cup of coffee and I am off to my good friend Naomi. I walk the long fifty meter trail which takes me a minute or so I get there and Naomi has company. ET has come to visit! Well not the ET we all know it is one of our neighbor’s who was out for a walk. His real name is; I have no f…… clue but I do remember Naomi suggesting to me that I just name him ET so whatever your name is just know it is now ET.

Once again as we sit on the patio we talk of whatever it is that has been brought up. This morning as we are sitting there with ET who has been invited to join us Naomi introduced the two of us. Naomi understands me so well she kind of protects me and looks out for me. There is someone new now and she knows people don’t know of my TBI so she explains my story: how I got drunk one evening and a bouncer beat the shit out of me with a baseball bat. No that is my silly version of a hit and run what can I say crazy me. Well as Ange says same, same but different she does often comment about the gobble gooble that seems to flow freely from my lips.

There is a surprise today Scarlet is here to visit her gran. I love enjoying the company of the two of them they have a special bond (as all grans and grand kids should have). We sit and chat and chat drink coffee and enjoy the morning sun. My coffee is finished and time has flown by I am now tired and need to get home so off I go.

I wanted to write a separate blog to or for Naomi to read but I will add it to this one I will call it especially for you. We meet most mornings Naomi I know it is just not me that really enjoys our time together we both do I know this because you would have chased me away a long time ago. I would like to tell you that you are a special person that gives so much out. The amount of goodness you give to me with nothing expected in return is amazing. I do listen as we speak and I know a lot about you your job, your life etc. but more important than the daily ways about you is what lays deep in you the person you are.

You are a sparkling light to many people you give and hand out energy to so many you may not know this but I am telling you now never lose this as I know you will not in any way. If people judge you well that is their problem and I do know that it will never bother you as you are what you are. Most of my non sleep nights are wiped clean in an instant once I leave your patio to head home. I can now enjoy my day it almost feels as if you have once again given me heaps of your energy so that I can get through another awesome day in Africa.

Thank you so very much Naomi you are special I cherish our friendship and always look forward to our daily get together.

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