Losing Marbles

Losing Her Marbles

At last the time is here I feel it I see it. Ange has decided to join me how does it go ‘if you can’t beat them join them’. So as it seems Ange has given up on the greatest battle of the recent events in our life. This would be the new me the new us.

I am the same person as Age puts it he is the same man-same, same but different.  I laugh out in silence as I walk past our bedroom door. I glance at Ange sitting in bed busy on her laptop doing a bit of work. It is Sunday not a work day but does it really matter each day now is the same day.

Every now and then as I walk past she is changing the smile on her face grows and her eyes become brighter. Ange usually sits in the warmth of the sun as she works she sits alone away from me. This is important if I am around and close to her there will be no working for her it will once again be Babes please I am trying to work.

In the lounge where I clean and keep busy in the background plays (loud, very loud) 70s greatest hits. Abba now plays and from the bedroom I hear Angie singing along I love it when she sings it makes me happy. Today is different though earlier Ange walked to where the loud sounds play with joy turn it down she says I can’t even think. Now the volume has once again been turned high and as it would seem Ange has joined the party. I seem to have won the battle Ange has given up on the please turn it down gear she was in.

I do know that tomorrow will be back to the usual me getting up to no good. Anges great smile will fade slightly but it will be back. Once again she will lose a few of her marbles and join me in my silly ways. What can I say it is what it is? Sometimes we have to give in and let go slightly for Ange this is a great challenge or let me put it another way I am a great challenge. In truth Ange has not lost the battle she fights hard each and every day she wins a battle. I love my Ange she is special she deserves a medal. Ange has not and never will give up on the great fight we are going through the TBI battle. As I always say a TBI affects those close to the one which has been knocked down so much harder.

Thank you Ange you are truly special. Don’t worry about the marbles you lose together we will search and search we will gather them together. Even if they are all mixed up with the many I have lost still we shall gather them together.

Love you more than all the stars.

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