The Bible?

The Bible a subject one can debate on for an entirety. This post is what I have read and my understanding which lays in the hundreds of pages. The bible a foundation to Christianity the foundation which man should live by? I do believe in a God-my God.

The little I have read has in my mind both truth and confusion. Let me start from the beginning the creation of earth it took seven days for God to create the earth how could the earth be created in seven days? In all of my understanding which is little I guess there is an explanation to this by attending a church. I do not attend any church I have been to church the latest I remember is my dear moms service, I was married to Ange in a garden by a priest I do not remember this but I have seen the video of my wedding to Ange.

If whomever it was read the bible it explained it is round and floats in darkness. This man set out to prove the earth was round. He sailed for many years until he watched as a sail boats mast slowly become smaller thus understanding it is indeed round and not flat he could have just read the bible which tells of the round ball.

The ten commandments-love thy neighbour, do not kill, believe in only the God of the bible or else etc. etc. I believe the bible was created and written to scare the shit out of the then out of control population. For me one should not kill or shag anyone they want to this is obvious.

The plague-the water will turn to blood the first child shall die, millions of frogs, locusts etc. I saw a documentary on this it was proven that it was an earthquake in a lake or inland sea releasing gases from the deep. The gases then chased the frogs out of the waters escaping death. The millions of locusts fled, the children died as the gases from the depths blew towards a city. The gas was low lying and killed all of those that slept the children slept and were wiped out. All of the incidents linked to the plagues are theories by modern scientists.

The future is greatly described in the bible which many of the words have become truthful. Well many folk have also predicted the future to great correctness single world currency, diseases cause from overpopulation the flu I recon this is obvious take Corona for instance. Scientists now create antidotes I guess it is as mankind evolves and become more knowledgeable.

We all live according to the bible-Time is based on Ad 2020 we all live according to the same time. Therefore in my mind we all live in the belief of the bible or Christianity. I cannot or will never understand the bible there are many unknowns for me and I respect the bible and Christianity.

I as all of us do have our own understanding of God and the bible, I guess many priests have studied the Bible in depth I think there are many parts which still baffle them. The big picture is to believe in the bible or if you are a Christian or many other religions is a good thing-a great thing. I also understand many deaths and wars are because of a belief. So then why are the greatest number of deaths and wars started from a single belief or believing in what you believe in?

In closing I say believe in whatever you want to this is not a bad thing if God did create us he created us how we are. Why do rapists and murderers after being punished get out and do it again and again it is just who they are. Why will they go to hell they were created this way? My oupa used to say he is and wants to go to hell all his friends are there he won’t be alone well that was his belief and why not.

I do not want to offend anyone this is just my understanding. In my mind no-one will know perhaps when this body fades and “dies” then the answer may reveal itself. God speed, go well one life live it.



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