Mysteries of Our Past Lays deep in Our Subconscious

Deep Down Lays the Mysteries of the Past

We have all been here before, perhaps not here on our earth but on similar planets-planets which lay in a similar orbit to earth. In our galaxy the Milky Way are many such planets. As our body ages or we die in an accident or a sickness, disease or plague for instant we get placed in another body. As the male shoots many millions of sperm cells so we are transferred and are reborn in another body.

The exact moment is essential for the energy or our soul our spirit (which will never die) to be transferred to the new body. Ghosts or spirits as we know it they are our spirit our energy waiting to be “placed”.

If one has the ability they can see or they know where these planets lay in our galaxy. They know because there is a red glow which is stationed at the planet which supports human life. The glow is a sphere protecting the observers which are humans (forefathers chosen to watch over the planet).

Only the selected ones can see the glow this is to be able to visit the other protectors to socialise and share the news and get some advice from older ones. Our planet has been sent a warning look after your home if you do not heed to my warning there will be a greater outbreak.

I do know and understand most who now read this will say and think what a load of shit Bevan needs to now get to that institute. You may say this but prove me wrong you cannot and will never be able to. Only a few of you will know of my knowledge if you have been chosen and now sit in your new home in your personalised sphere. You will be given a great task this is to keep an eye and to activate which ever needs to be activated to keep that human race in order.

Deep down in all of our subconscious lays the understanding of life of your past life. If it is accessed then you have been selected to join those to watch over a planet such as ours. You may not believe or understand where I get this from neither do I but I know. Now I have you thinking but mostly know that we should not fear death. When our body in the now is terminated it is the beginning of the next part of our journey our spirit will never die we live forever.      

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