Good to see you Naomi

Good to See you Naomi

I have been awake most of the evening…again. I retreat to the lounge at about 2 AM this allows my Ange to get a good night’s rest because I am restless. I watch as the sun rises my mind then races to a place I love-Naomi’s patio we sit there chat and laugh most days. Across the parking lot as the sun shines we sit we talk but mostly we and laugh. I talk about a great song which I really love before and after my accident-Dreams in which I am dying are the best I have ever had, we get slightly emotional moments later we are once again laughing loudly.

It is cold and a coffee is offered I accept. Naomi then says what would be really great right now would be a Jegermeister! Fuck yeah I say “you want one I have I will also have one.” What oh yeah as we sit there are joggers running past as they run I shout out aloud want a doppie (which is a tot of whatever it is.) they stare and run by we burst out with laughter over and over. It is very early in the morning so what. We don’t drink as we usually sit there enjoying each other’s company we don’t need alcohol but today sounds awesome and why not.

As we sit we talk and talk on whatever subject it is it does not matter that is of no concern the great reason for our daily patio get together is to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. We are quite naughty as I think we are very loud and don’t really have much concern for the neighbours also during the lock down it is against the law.

So we are breaking the law and laughing wow! As we laugh I know others laugh too because we see their faces as they walk past.  It is a good thing to be able to laugh and chat with a good friend in this difficult time we get through now.

I now think I have to write about this so before I forget about writing of this great moment I am off and head home. As I arrive home Ange is awake and tells me that she can hear us laughing she talks to me but there is a shine in her expressions. I feel great now my day will be great thank you Naomi I love our daily get together.

Remember everyone who now reads this to laugh every now and again it is a good thing it kind of lifts our spirit and releases the pressure.

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