Cha, Cha Changes

Is Change Good

Is change good? Generally a small change in one’s life is a good thing it allows us to build character it helps us become stronger it is the natural way of life. We are born ‘dumb’ and ‘stupid’ we are young and we do not and will not know what lies ahead for many years after our birth. Are we dumb and stupid when we are born? I believe we are not I believe it is the way for us to live the new life we have now been given. If we are born and bring our old life with us we will never be able to grow we will never be able to learn how to overcome new challengers.

As we become older we get wise and we start understanding who we are what we would like to do with our lives and how to do it. We make mistakes but we try lean from those mistakes and grow stronger. As the changes come we must adapt and continue in our life. Both small and big it does not matter there will always be changes, adapt or die as the saying goes.

Take me for example I have had to adapt my change did not come from my decision it was forced upon me. I accept the changes in my life I have to if I do not I cannot and will never become stronger I will never be able to overcome the new challenges which lay ahead in my road my journey.

I am in a constant battle to overcome my changes I face a new challenge each and every day. In a way this change is good for me it has shown me that I can indeed overcome life’s changes and challenges. I have and fought hard to survive to accept the great changes which lay ahead.

The small changes are directly linked to the big scary changes in fact there are no small changes in my life anymore it seems. Perhaps I do not know or understand the many changes compliments of my brain injury my TBI.

There is a new change a new challenge for all of us. Corona is here I think it is here to stay for a long time. In a reoccurring dream I was having before it launched its might I dreamed that over two million of us will be taken from this big change.

I am benefiting from the change the ban of the sale of cigarettes and alcohol has opened a doorway for me I saw a window opening and I climbed trough. I can arrange anything any time whatever you want I will get it. I have been asked by my beautiful Ange to stop this she does not want me to be sitting behind bars I only wanted to earn an income again but Ange still works from home and is paid as she was before Corona struck. We have survived so far babes she says okay Ange I will stop. Saying this I can still arrange whatever it is required but I have stopped. For me this major change in all our lives is a difficult one but we need to survive. Growing a beard is a small change in my life perhaps shaving with the same razor for over a year brought this on.

Adapt or die good luck everyone fight hard do not give up, everything will be okay.




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