The Long Short Night

The Long Short Night

Silently as that of a lion stalking its prey comes the night.

My night.

I am not afraid for i am not alone.

Darkness surrounds me, fills my mind.

The darkness is light for me it quietens it fulfills me.

My light.

Not tonight though it is different, different but the same.

I think i will leave the poems for the poets, the end of the week is here tomorrow it will be a great Friday. For us in sunny South Africa once again we are blessed with another freaking public holiday. I wonder how many days our government will turn work days into public holidays from our battle with this difficult time we now fight through.

Different but the same i say because every now and then my quiet self becomes rowdy. I get the jitters and it kind of feels as if the walls are closing in last night i did not sleep this morning i have been up since two am. Sleep for a few minutes and awake for an hour until the birds begin to awaken and start to sing. The sun then shows itself now i can walk around do things clean up etc.

I know the next few days are going to be long nights for me i can only go so far from our home and then i must return. Fridays for me have always been special i haven’t worked now coming up to five years but i still feel a Friday. I guess it comes from Ange, her smile when she wakes up in the morning i then know it is Friday Ange is happy and so i am happy too hence the Friday feeling.

I can feel the irritation of today as i write. i have cleaned the house mopped the floor several times made another banana loaf and now what do i do??? I cannot write too well whilst in this frame of mind either so i won’t be writing on my second book i want to publish. I walked to the kitchen just now to take out some washing as i glanced to my right i saw my bananas waiting to be part of the banana bread. Yes i have the banana bread in the oven with no bananas in it f…i did it again. When i am as i am today it’s best for me to lay on the couch and try get some rest.

I also now can understand the frustration of all whilst we chill at home oh well soon now soon then it is back to normal. When i feel my frustrations growing i will go for a long relaxing walk. Next Friday hopefully i will be back to bio the best day of my week yay.

Training at Justin Jeffreys Biokinetists

After training

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