A Reminder of Who we are

A Reminder of Who we are

In my mind it is extremely important to understand or in another sense know who we are. I say we but I mean yourself, you-the most important person in your life, the one that really matters. There are many ways of knowing who you are if indeed you would like to understand yourself better.

Many of you do not need to take a lesson in understanding yourself because of obvious reasons I.E no brain injury. I do though and perhaps you may find a little something from the words you now read.

I walked into my office this morning and for the umpteenth time (I suppose) I thought I had to clean this place up. My bead boxes were scatted in no order throughout my homemade shelves and boxes. The floor was scatted with the many beads which had fallen during my many attempts whilst making my beaded bangles. In general it was an unorganized and messy office.

I start with the floor as I am sweeping up I realise it is so messy because of the many beads which fall as I am trying as speedily as possible to assemble as I call it an art piece-a bangle. I now have a thought I see all the beads laying around the broom. I think perhaps I should work slower concentrate a bit more and the next time I clean there may be far less beads on the floor.

I start to repack my shelves and I realise they are not in an unorganized mess they are placed around where I sit. They are placed in postilions that make it easy for me to reach without knocking everything onto the floor. It is only messy from what I see from the position I am standing. I see my homemade shelves and I see craftsmanship, wow I think these shelves are quite well made they don’t look structured but they are.

The wooden board placed at a skew angle on top of my desk which is scarred from the burns and wood saw cuts has its own reason why it is so messy and skew. The board I had placed (when I don’t know) is skew for a reason. It is skew because of my damaged pelvis sitting skew is the only way I can sit and so it being skew helps me work better with less pain. The holes, burns and scars are there because it is the nature off my work but they sit on a protective board and are not entrenched in the desk. I have done well in doing this I think.

Then I think to myself my office isn’t messy and unorganized it is just a reflection of who I am it is a reminder for me to see and to understand me a bit better. I did see a mess at first but after a while I saw creativity and I saw me I saw a man trying the best he can to be better to be stronger. I saw a man that although a bit messy and broken is only trying to be someone I do forget to clean this i also okay this is part of my brain injury the loss of long and short term memory.

My office reminded me that I have had an accident I damaged my brain and that is okay I am healing. I need to keep reminding me of who I am I am strong and alive.

I am the best part of me.

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