Freddy Mercury-“Friends will be friends…right to the end.” No matter what has happened to or in the friendship during their journey at the end one shall stand looking down at the other. As he stands in silence he talks softly the last words they had before they walked away from each other whether good or bad does not matter now.

Does not matter as the one has gone to continue on his journey and so as he walks in new shoes in another place, another time the old friend is lost forever. It is too late for him to say goodbye but not too late for him to make new friends good friends.

I have friends I have many friends I have new people I can talk to and help and they too help me. As I now post this I have spent time with two good friends Nkosi and Naomi. Fresh in my mind I remember our time spent with each other this morning. Naomi and I sit on her patio and talk of life and we laugh we laugh so loud that when I get home to Ange she talks of how she hears us laughing far away across the parking lot. This brings joy to my heart that two good friends can sit and laugh loudly regardless of the difficulties we now go through.

I met Nkosi outside the gates to say hi and to collect goodies he has brought to give me. As we meet I see a great smile across his face I know that he enjoys seeing me. Nkosi helps me but in truth it is about the friendship we share. Whenever we are together we are sharing each other’s thoughts and feelings.

My best friend is my amazing Ange the one that sat by my side day after day as I slept deep in another world. The one that refused to sign the papers for the doctors to amputate my arm instead she fought hard. She gave them the courage and belief in themselves to work harder to save my arm. Her strength she gave out to others worked and so after over twenty operations when I woke I could once again hold her hand Ange saved my arm.

Ange also refused to sign or listen to the staff as they told her that the machines should now be switched off let him go they told her. No she said he is my best friend and he will wake up and when he does no matter how he is it is just fine I will take him because I love him and we are best friends I don’t what to lose my best friend she would say.

Many years after that difficult time for her we now sit and laugh in this time we laugh and joke with each other. I try to imagine if I did leave how it would have affected her life Ange would have lost a part of her. Friends are important two people are not the same but they can still laugh and figure out difficult parts of themselves together. Be kind to a friend even if they are not the way you are that does not matter because without friends the world can be a lonely place.

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