The Joys of Lock down

A month Thursday for us in South Africa we would be locked down a long four weeks. Wow if one had to tell me soon you will have to spend a whole month in lock down stuck in your house with your family. Yes i would have said well i will have Ange with me so that is just fine. After a few moments of thought my mind would bring the reality of what it would actually be like. 24 Hrs a day? Ange will not get to spend her days in the office-at all she will be at home with me 24 Hrs each and every single day…oops.

A difficult day a great day at the office no matter but now it will be spent at home. Yes with the love of her life but he fell hard and is a different man now. He has issues but when out walking he gets to understand, relearn he gets to know the outside world He now cannot. The infant in him once at home will start to become frantic and difficult.

I carry a deep saying along with me as i now relearn how to live a life-my life.

It’s okay i will find a way. 

I know Ange and me will get through this difficult time, we have so far and now as the last week starts tomorrow we can see the finish line up ahead. Through the time spent at home we have gotten to know each other again we have found the small parts of us which although not gone were just lost. They were lost in the daily doings of our regular day. Early Ange will leave for work when home she is tired and lays down on the couch. Most days i will have dinner on the go but recently i have been slipping and so once again we will use the little cash we have to order out tonight we will eat takeaways once again.

Now though we cannot order out we cannot conveniently summon Mr Delivery he will not show up at the door with dinner. We have bought enough food to last the month or so. Now instead of Ange resting to recharge and then off to bed we cook dinner together, we laugh during the day and we are once again learning about each other.

I hope all that now read this post can too find the little bits of their love one’s which have been lost in their daily life. You can all use this time to re-boot the love and find new bits of each other. As i say-I can and i will i will because i want to.



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