Four and a few years ago I had to get away from the rat race, forced to actually. On my return I left many pieces of me behind at the mysterious resort I visited. One of the most hurtful pieces which I had forgotten was most of my long term memory. People ask that must be so sad I just reply that it is fine I will make new ones. I do but once again most are stolen and taken to the deep dark abyss truthfully losing long term memory is sad as it is a diary of one’s life.

My diary has been taken from me but I have found a way to restore them in a different way-pictures. I now regularly return to my laptop to revisit these lost memories. A great section of pictures are missing but thanks to new technology I can open my cell phone and go through pictures posted via Watts Up.

Recently a family tree Watts Up group of our family was created. I can read stories and see the pics posted which until now have been missing.  A great feeling I get from the posts are when Ange and my phone sounds. I see Ange scrolling down through the post her face lightens as she now learns more about the great family she is a part of.

We are both in a similar position Ange and I married after many of the stories and pics were born so now she is finding out as much as I am about all of us. I do not become sad anymore when I see a pic for the first time and I know that the memory of that time is not there at all. I don’t get sad because I see the faces all those faces are wearing great smiles.

In a nut shell I see that we are a happy family I also see that we have had great times together. I do know the great times will continue for generations to come. Cammy met her cousin in Pretoria- whilst studying the next generation can now enjoy family. I hope so as family is important and so are the memories shared. Take many pics one day far in the future when the kids catch up they can take out their cell phones and go through the pics and perhaps laugh and know they have a great family.


I am right here where i left me just missing a few pieces thanks to pics i can catch up on family times my picture memory.

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