A Galaxy of Possibilities

A Galaxy of Possibilities

Once I opened my eyes from my coma and returned from the other world I went to I brought back a gift for myself. The gift I brought back was told to me to keep an open mind on death itself. I have always feared the day I would die that fear would not show during my last moments.

The fear of death was not there I know nothing about those moments. All I hear are the stories of me being brought back from flat lining many, many times over. The doctor who I eventually found and spoke to was on the Helivac. I thanked him for what he had done. I cannot remember the conversation too much I think because I was crying. I do remember him telling me that it was the most difficult rescue he had been on by far. He tells me of the beeping sounds which would continuously change to a flat line scream. He also tells me that seeing the Milpark hospital was a site of relief and of joy knowing that he and the others had fought so hard to keep me alive.

My world had opened up death had become silent my belief in death has itself died. Something happened whilst I was asleep something very deep I cannot explain it but deep down I know of it. A small piece of my understanding is that our soul which is far greater than our body will never die only the body which we know shall fade. Our soul finds another body but not too often does it find another on our earth it finds a place which we do not know of a place which we cannot see.

This is why I am fascinated by the images and exposure of the seemingly dark skies as we look up in the still of the night. The Hubble telescope is revealing uncountable far away galaxies- millions upon millions of galaxies. In my mind our souls are spread throughout these galaxies.

The big question is what lies beyond those galaxies what created the vastness of the seemingly dark skies. I guess we will never know but one thing I do know is that we are not alone we will never be alone and we shall never die.

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