War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds

A couple of weeks before the lockdown I watched the movie. This post is not about the freaky movie but the interesting ending. The aliens were destroyed by what lives in us since the birth of mankind BACTERIA!

I have a very interesting theory this is that we all carry this virus and many others like it. The virus selects who it affects and the volume of humans it will affect. Call it nature’s way or whatever, our god letting us know that we are destroying our planet. The truth of my theory is that we are destroying our planet. We are but in many ways it is not intentional it is ways for our survival.

In an ordinary day many millions will start their vehicle and drive to the shops to stock up on food for the week. Every vehicle adds to the destruction of our planet do we mean to do this no not at all it is for our survival we need to eat.

Let’s think out the box. If we all drive once a month to stock up on food how much will we slow down the destruction of the ozone layer? If we use solar power to drive this will also clear the air we breathe. If we are all only allowed to buy one vehicle every five years this will slow down the mass production and therefore slow down manufacturing.

If we, if we, if we think about all the factories producing poor products which means their goods will have a shorter life span therefore forcing us to purchase more quicker. Irons, television sets, plastic packets, plastic in general etc. One great example a light bulb can be manufactured which can last many, many years so why don’t we?

Well try getting solar power to cut out petrol fumes. We have already but the large fuel companies along with governments buy out the patients and shelf those new innovations. They will not make the money they now do. Largely I blame greediness and therefore large companies these companies can stop the destruction but will they?

Will key people in these industries be wiped out by the various forms of bacteria which live in each one of us? Perhaps not right now but I believe in the future it will. In the future we will all grow our own vegetables allowing more oxygen to be filtered out into the skies taking over the carbon dioxide which kills the oxygen. Who knows perhaps in the future many may read this post and say wow he was right.


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