The Trojans Neurological Trust


TNT or Trojan Neurological Trust I like the short version it sounds powerful-it is powerful, it’s explosive! I am a beneficiary of the TNT trust I would never in my life have ever thought I wold be relying on a trust for my health and for keeping me from going mad. Justin does so much more for me than helping get and keeping my body strong.

I say keeping me from going mad because once a week I have the privilege of getting out and spending an hour or so at Justin’s practice. My good friend Nkosi transports me there and I then walk home. Whilst there Jiten will give me a workout to help my broken body heal and become strong again. I am strong I am stronger than what I have ever been but from the accident but there are many parts of my body which still need attention. And so Jiten and usually one or two interns give me a work out. I think the interns try but it is me that gives them a workout a verbal workout.

Whilst there it is a time for me to socialise a little. I do get out but the social part of it gets left behind. People think I am just an ordinary guy living my life the ones that don’t know of my injury usually walk away after a moment or so of speaking to me. Soon they realise this guy’s lift doesn’t go to the top floor or he is drunk. Not knowing I have a brain injury and so I do not think before I speak and that’s where the problem starts. I will say whatever I want about whatever it is however I want to. This is why at Justin’s practice I feel safe and every one there knows my injury and what Bevan says has not much thought to it and it could be hurtful. Don’t be offended are the words Justin or Jiten would probably tell the new interns.

I should wear a sign which warns everyone that they are about to speak to a man who will not hold back on his words and that the words which are thrown out speedily could be harmful. The sign would probably say something like this;


Thank you Justin and to all the special folk that donate to the TNT trust.

If anybody would like to do something special for those that have fallen to a brain or spinal injury this is a good place for a donation. I am sure one can look up the TNT trust fund or contact Justin Jefferies to make a small donation. Of the so many people that Justin has helped there are two special ones. Their picture with Justin hangs on his wall of greatness, a special wall for special people. A photo of myself my two guides Lauren and Samantha who got me through the New York Marathon hangs proudly next to Joost and Madiba.

Please open your hearts help those that have fallen to get strong again.

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