In my Life

In My Life

I wonder how our time now will compare to next generations when the 90 year old granddad talks to his fourteen year old grand kids how he spent many weeks in lock down as the world fought the army of coverd19. I don’t think there will be a great difference in the usual annual goings on. I do accept that there will be at least one great event which would have changed the world in some way in one’s life time. Such as WWl, WWll, 911 or Coroner outbreak or the greatest event by far which supersedes the above many time over would be that in the year 2019…

SOUTH AFRICA WON THE RUGBY WORLD CUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my lifetime I have seen South Africa win the world cup three times. I recon there will be many more so I look forward to the other countries try their best.

In 2019 we were sitting in a pub in New York City at 4 AM having an awesome time with many other South Africans eating fetkoek drinking many South African beers we sat there a long time celebrating. Which means drinking many beers and many, many more.  After many more I’m sure Ange whispered in my ear that at 3 Am the next morning I will be on a bus to Staten Island to run the New York Marathon!

I do remember stumbling from the awesome noisy vibe in the pub to the quiet, cold street of NYC to now get a cab back to where we were staying. The following morning I was up and ready to run the NYCM which I did and beat my previous time by 30 min.

I have achieved many other high points in my life so far.

I have run many half marathons, been live on radio, had a two page article written about me in an international running magazine, cycled the 94.7 cycle race, done inspirational talks to many written a book I did run the NYM twice the second time I helped another TBI survivor across the finish line. Oh and I recon the highest moment of my life so far was being brought back to life many times and pulling out of a seven week coma. I call that standing up to the grim reaper and telling him to go suck eggs he will not be taking me this day he should wait many years. He should go away and wait until I am ready then I will summon him.


In my life…

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