Months ago the trip was booked. Once the payment was made you jumped with joy you were excited and enthusiastic. You are going to be hiking through the Drakensberg in Natal. It is a three day hike, it’s a great hike says the travel agent not difficult at all. This was partly the reason you booked this particular package. It’s not a difficult hike it is time out from the hustle and the bustle the views are spectacular-It is a great time to reflect.

You sit and rest you are finished your body is in pain your lungs are blown from all the smoking. This was not your idea of a relaxing hike fuck that travel agent you swear as the sweat runs violently to the ground. You have not seen a single view even though the entire hike has been panoramic and clear.

“Get up Dude soon we will get to an amazing resting spot”

Ja fuck you too I thought loudly to myself, these other hikers which have come along are really getting to you now. Up you slowly stand your body is broken and in pain. An hour later you reach the resting spot. Wow for a short moment (too short) you think this is quite amazing. It is a lake on a spectacular high part of the Berg.

As you sit on a rock right at the lake edge you look down at the water. You do not see any reflection of the amazing view, the angle you are sitting at on the rock does not allow this instead you see a reflection of yourself.

As you look down and see your reflection you notice the bright sparkling light behind you but as the light reaches your body it fades and turns to darkness. Wow you think my aura has chased the beautiful light away. Why?

You know why it is because you are so negative you have not given yourself the time to enjoy this break your mind has been on work and the rush of making money. Moments later your reflection starts to change the light that strikes your body brightens it now begins chasing away the darkness.

Whilst sitting at the water’s edge you begin to see another reflection it is the peak, the tip of a high point. Soon the entire Drakensberg and the bright sky reflects. You weren’t sitting at the wrong angle on the water’s edge it was the darkness of yourself which denied you this amazing view.

You are sitting alone and now you start to miss those other hikers, in truth they weren’t irritating at all it was just yourself which brought that on.

Reflections are not only about the amazing views it first starts with yourself. If you cannot live in the moment you set out to enjoy, you cannot reflect on you which is the most important person in your life then you will not see others which bring joy too.

Being alone in this life is perhaps silent and too still. Take the time whilst you have it to see how it can be when you are alone. When you do get back to the hustle and bustle and making money see it as your reflection changed your life see it as beautiful as you watched the clouds move quietly past the tip of the Drakensberg.

Thank you Cammy you allowed me to see my reflection without sitting at the waters edge.




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