Amongst the Stars

Amongst the Stars

In our universe alone there are millions and millions of stars. Our galaxy is one of an untold million galaxy’s floating in the darkness. Amongst those millions of stars in the Milky Way sits our star-our sun.

This sucks I can’t think of words to talk about the vastness of our Galaxy and the millions of stars we cannot even see. New topic let me ponder on this for a while…

Okay pondered


Life is short and delicate life is a wonder. How, when where did it begin well a question we will never know. As we talk on speaker phone to Anton and Karen Ange tells how my mind begins to figure out how and when the human race began. I do have answers to this question which I have to keep to myself this was told to me by our forefathers during my time in another world-my coma. One answer I can say is that we will never die our body shall perish but our soul shall be reborn in another body in another place.

Life as we know it is right here right now we should enjoy each and every day. That sounds stupid but if we think about it many of us live in the past and in tomorrow. My saying on this is the past was yesterday and the future is tomorrow a life time away. We should now take the quiet time surrounding us and enjoy the break don’t worry about tomorrow it will get here live now love now.

And so our chat with Anton and Karen comes to an end thanks for the call guys keep being positive. Anton please send your address so I can get to you and raid your booze cabinet…I know you have one.


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