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Out and About

Friday is my bio day. Every Friday at 5h45 I meet Nkosi at the gate he will drive me the fifteen km or so to Justin’s practice where I do my session with Jiten and usually with one or two interns. After my session I will walk/run most of the way home or when I am lazy or tired catch a taxi.

Today is slightly different I won’t leave our home for my lesson Jiten will come here. When I say come here it means he transports himself via air waves. We will be doing or second session through Watts up video chat.

The first session we had Jiten asked me to show him my garden obviously to see where a good spot would be. As usual my lights weren’t on and I start showing him all my veggies growing. I understood this was not what he meant once I heard him and Ange laughing.

This week I prepared our patio once again for my session Jiten called and we were off. Soon after I started I became tired and out of breath. I then realised how quickly I have lost what I had before the virus made its voice known. My fitness levels have dropped so much I really felt as if I have not done any exercise in many months.

Another eyesore was when I watched a video Ange took of me I looked out of sorts and really off balance. Perhaps this is how I am on an ordinary day but I don’t think so. I now also realise how I miss my usual sessions at Justin’s practice and more than miss them how important they are for me.

Once the lock down is over I am going to get straight back to my training I will be running the Cape Town marathon in August and I got a 6h30 cut off time which I know I will beat. I know I will but I also know that I will have to train hard which is just fine. When it gets too hard it’s never hard enough.

We can beat this lock down everyone stay strong and be positive.

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