That Side of Zero

That Side of Zero

Ange is sitting next to me on the couch working I am working on my thoughts. Or should I say I am working on her…. No not the word you are thinking of I am busy making her go crazy mad. What to do now I think? I have cleaned the house done the washing shaved my pip and, and, and. Now what.

My IQ! I want to know what my IQ is. Cell in hand I Google an IQ test. Cool I start a few seconds later test done now to check the results I scroll down to results but now there is a f…… problem. To get results fill in your credit card details etc. etc.

I should have known this was going to happen nothing is free or maybe by me thinking I can get a result was the first sign I don’t have much of an IQ. That’s not fair on me I know I have a more than not much of an IQ. Well I persist on I go so now after several tests I still cannot get a result WTF. I decide to give that up for a moment or so and so I find myself writing a post of about the very subject matter.

I really would like to get an indication of what my IQ is because I do the most stupid and crazy things. Just for the bigger picture I would like to know if the clock that ticks inside me as all our clocks tick is an ordinary clock and not a time bomb.

I have heard that if someone does have the bad luck of bonging their pip too hard and ends up with a brain injury their IQ will not change. Well how the heck would I know what my IQ was before my accident in the first place? If a person retakes a test a few times over will their results stay the same? Well I assume they will stay pretty similar I hope. I also think my IQ would have risen after my accident I say this due to the fact that I have written a book so in my eyes I have become somewhat smarter.

I am not too bothered on what my actual score is I do know that if it is above zero I will feel great. If it is below zero I will feel even better this just means that I live my life way above my IQ. Well curiosity is about to kill the cat so I am off to surf whatever wave I can find to find out what my IQ is.

What is yours??????

Now I got you.


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