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Wednesday, Monday, Friday

Any day is today choose one, choose your favorite make it that, make it any one of seven the outcome will remain the same. When the weekend comes to an end and Monday starts knocking you turn over in your bed and simply sleep another hour or two. On this Monday there will be no traffic jams there will be no rushing no Monday blues. You may have to work online but that is later today you won’t take two hours or so fighting traffic so all is good have a nap.

Imagine driving to work early on a Monday early to beat the rush and there is no traffic there is no rush. Well funny thing about this story is that none of us will be able to experience the feeling. It should be a Monday and it should be a work day but nobody will actually be driving so we won’t experience no traffic on a working Monday morning. We will all be at home living out another day in silence just enjoying the quiet and getting ready to once again fill up twelve hours or so of day light.

The majority of the world will wake up on Monday with new freaky feelings and thoughts many of them will be scary and unrealistic but they will be there. None of what is on their mind at that moment would normally be there on a usual Monday morning.

I have been at home for four and a half years now so I don’t get Monday blues but do know one thing this is that Monday will be different it will be very different. It will be quiet and it might be scary. Whichever feelings are spinning through my mind it does not matter what really matters is that I am part of the million others fighting this battle and I know that we will win it. We will win it and we will come out on the other end stronger than when we went in stronger and wiser.

Monday’s will return to their usual blue bad wake up days after a great weekend but that is just fine bring it on.

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