As I sit writing this post I hear the television in the background. My usual non educational shows are not on the preferred channel they have been demoted and will probably not be showing for their usual 90% of the day for at least a month or so. We all know which subject matter has been chosen-it is live news on the outbreak.

WOW! Is the only thought on my mind. Or should I say holy cow. This outbreak is certainly going the way my dreams have been telling me and if I am correct expect another year or so of on and off shutdowns. Getting into the garden take out the pretty plants and start growing edible vegetables. This would be a great idea to kill some time. As we in the southern hemisphere go into winter it is now time to grow vegetables which develop under the soil such as potatoes.

Day two of South Africa’s lock down I walk onto the patio there is a feeling of hopelessness the buzz of vehicles on the main road has been silenced. There are no sounds at all bearing one-the sound of a dove which sits perched above me on a branch, He is waiting for me to feed our cats after they tuck in he and a few of his mates will swoop down and nibble on the seconds.

A few weeks ago I was a bit upset that our golf day was postponed due to some “issues” abroad an outbreak of some sorts was the reason ‘we are just taking precautions’. Little did I know that our whole lives would be postponed a month later? Weird how our lives can change within a heartbeat. One day a couple of us have small issues the next the whole world has issues-big issues.

Well I am okay to stay at home I have had some time getting used to this. We all need to adapt to our new way of life for now just be strong and keep positive. I guess golf can wait so can all else in a normal day. I did get my weekly Bio Kinetics session done via video session he, he.


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