Lock Down!

Lock down

This morning I asked Ange if I can still do my runs during the weeks ahead I did say I am not driving so in my mind all is fine. I think I pressed the wrong button in fact I know I did. “Do you want to get sick and die or sleep in a police station? F… babes!!!!!

Okay I didn’t think about that at all what I not understood about the last few weeks that I had to even ask this question. Our neighbor visited us to see if we needed anything as she was off to the shops. Ange made a comment to Naomi that I have become extremely frantic. This scared me but it made me realise that I must calm down but how I thought? Has this ever happened in this country before or the world for that matter? Calm down yes i get it but I am worried because I knew this was coming…or at least that is what my dreams have been telling me.

So I now talk to myself am I frantic or am I just worried that many of the dreams I have been having which started some months ago is becoming a reality. This seems similar to the time when I woke from a coma I had the most freaky thoughts of out of this world experiences. I suddenly knew how mankind started how our forefathers-A K A-aliens speedily travel through many universes by doing this they do not age and have been around for thousands of years. Visiting us now and then to check that we have not ruined our beautiful planet. It now seems that they are unhappy and so…

Perhaps I am going a bit goony well I will wait and see how this pans out according to my dream the virus will only be stabilized in some two years. If it does it will be extremely freaky but I will still be goony in any way. Oh well life living with a TBI certainly has its moments and I am not talking about the ups and downs its the strange and the stranger which for me are the greatest challenge.

I must say though the time we are going through now is really scary with or without a TBI.


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