It is what it is

It is what it is

I often get disappointed about the fact that I cannot work how I used to anymore. Mondays seem to be the greatest reminder that today I will be going to a site and trying to beat the deadline set to complete the project I am on.

Well those thoughts have subsided somewhat a great example of this is right now on this cold, wet Monday morning.  Out of bed at five and onto the site at six thirty at the latest do my paper work but on this Monday morning my mind will be filled with concern-Coroner virus??? Why would I want to get onto a crowded building site amongst all the staff when there is uncertainty floating in the air?

No thank you I would much rather be warm in our home busy working in my new career. I have published one book so I am now an author. I write for a living, I prepare my talk for when I will do another motivational speech and I do still make beaded bracelets. In reality I do work it is a great change from my previous career but its okay it is what it is.

I would stay away from my wife for a few months in Hoedspruit to complete a good project and to help my friend in the building industry. My greatest hope whilst there was to find my love for the construction industry which I had lost. I did find it and I had many projects lined up for the near future. My love would come too late, something else found me first; a TBI.

I do not become sad on a Monday morning anymore I have accepted how it is. There is a great weight that sits firmly on my shoulder though that is the fact that I do not bring an income in anymore. There is hope we must get through this year and once again I will have a decent income.

I will never have the income I would like because I do know that my work was becoming the best I have done. Many projects lined up without me having to tender was proof that many wanted me to complete their project.

Well I really enjoy writing I do not miss driving through the busy roads and I love life. Also if I do need to get around I have Nkosi he gets me to where I need to go if I am tired and cannot get there on foot. Nkosi and I have become very close and when I do not have enough money to pay him he just says to me “We together”

Thank you Nkosi you are a good man and a good friend.

It is what is.

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