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Cape Town Marathon

How are you getting home from bio says my wife. Must I Uber you or will you ask Nkosi? Remember there is a deadly virus going around I don’t want you in a taxi. Don’t worry I tell Ange I will walk in any way I have gotten home on foot many times from Bio. For me it is a good day for exercise it is the end of the week and for me it isn’t a long walk\run just fifteen km or so.

Fifteen km a week from bio will strengthen my training, add to my one hundred and fifty target per month. Usually as I get home from bio on foot I will at some stage signal for a taxi to stop usually due to laziness I guess. On this Friday though many taxis pass me and I fail to signal. I want to challenge myself I want to finish the Cape Town marathon in under six hours so therefore I need to train harder.

Training for the 2019 NYM was for me a breeze I enjoyed every minute of nick and my time together. Down my road in the distance below Table mountain lies 42.2km of running. Awesome I cannot wait I really am looking forward to running the marathon on home soil. Seeing the amazing city on foot will be interesting and exciting.

One thing I have learned from running is how much we actually miss whilst driving in a closed capsule. At speed no one can see the small bits the flowers that grow amongst the concrete, the bees, the many insects and so much more.

I understand that we all need to get from A to B we all need to work we cannot walk everywhere and see what I see. I understand this but what about the two days the Saturday and Sunday. Take an hour on the weekend and casually walk whilst walking open your eyes and notice nature. Notice how much goodness surrounds us how much we miss whilst driving. Do this for a month and perhaps it will grab you and get you fit and strong. If you don’t start you can’t start. It feels good that i do not drive any more i cannot drive but i can walk and so a whole different world has opened up for me.






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