Is it Hope or is it a Dream

Is it Hope or is it a Dream

We all dream… or is it that we are not dreaming of a bright future but that we are hoping the future will bring what we desire, want or need? I do not know the answer to this vast question but I do know that I hope I can one day do many things I used to. Many of my nights I dream of what I would like to get done before my life here ends.

I dream of many desires but none of those dreams are what I hope for. I do hope but I know my life is on a different path now after the accident. I am a new man I have new dreams I also hope my future is bright. I know that it is up to me to create a bright future and I do know that I will have a bright future.

I know that in my life I always hoped I would leave a legacy I believe my legacy still lays ahead of me. I do know I have done far more than what I would have done if I did not have a life changing accident.

I am okay with me I am happy that I have not given up. When it gets too hard it is easy to give up well perhaps easy is not the correct word a word could be “broken”. I tried my best but it broke me and so I had to give up. My answer to the “broken” scenario is-‘when it gets too hard it’s never hard enough’.

I have difficult days I have good days and bad weeks but I do not and will never give up. My TBI will not break me I will fight and when it gets dark I will fight harder. When in my dark moment I fought off the grim reaper so I can fight I know this. I say bring it on I will try and if at first I do not succeed I will try harder.

I hope I influence others I hope I help others to be able to stand up when they fall down. I also dream I dream a lot every day and night I dream. I dream of good feelings and I hope those good feelings will fall where someone has lost their good feelings. They may find my feelings and give them back theirs. I dream of this and I hope it happens…a lot.

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