Sunday awesome Sunday

Sunday Awesome Sunday

Lying on the couch next to an amazingly beautiful woman sends happiness through my body. I feel good today the reason; I just had a feeling of as a Sunday comes to an end the thought of that difficult Monday starts to set in. The weekend is over the couple of rest days has been great but it’s back to work. For me though I will once again for the 212th Monday be at home.

That statement is not entirely true I miss going to work on a Monday. The real feeling is that Ange will be here the operation on her foot went well but she is still in pain and cannot walk yet. Ange will work from home and she will be here with me so for that reason I am happy to be at home with my love.

I cannot sit still for too long so I walked to the kitchen I then start to tame the lion which is starting to growl. I clean up and start thinking (yes I do think now and again) I will reduce a few tomatoes which have ripened and now need eating. I will not eat them I have Googled various ways tomatoes can be consumed. I retrieve a thought from the abyss, sun dried tomatoes dried in the oven on a slow heat. Another thought recently given to me by U-tube was pickled eggs and bottling beetroot. So now I have tomatoes drying in the oven, pickled eggs busy pickling and homemade beetroot.

Rest-Sunday is a rest day so I will now rest and try not thinking about what I can do in the long week ahead. I know the thought of what I will do in the week will slip into the abyss pretty soon so that is okay. What do I do for the rest of the day now ummm, grrrrrr, ummm.

Something will come up I know even if I try my best to chill-CHILLIES YES I CAN MAKE MORE CHILLI SAUCE. Well sorted my day has filled up I will work on some more chilli sauce and continue on my second book to be published. Sundays are awesome whatever you do today enjoy it relax and have a great day. Tomorrow is a lifetime away anyway so live in the moment and enjoy.


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