Soothing Rain

Soothing Rain

The distant sound of a storm approaches crack, crack boom, boom over and over again the bright flashes many seconds later the sound of thunder. I know the storm is getting closer as the sounds that follow the bright crack of the lightning are shortening. It won’t be long and it will be here.

I get to bed as the droplets fall and the sounds continue. The storm tries it’s best to keep me awake but it cannot it allows me to fall asleep. I wake many hours later there is silence it seems as if those dark clouds have emptied the load they have been carrying. I am awake early the darkness surrounds me I should be able to smell the rain but I cannot my sense of smell was stolen from me. This is just fine I cannot and will not allow one sense to disrupt my feelings I now feel.

As I sit in the lounge the curtains are drawn my door is wide open and the wind starts to fill the lounge. Suddenly as if summoned the rain begins to fall once again. Those clouds must have been holding out just for me to wake. Perhaps they know of my loss of smell and so now they shall bring joy in the form of sounds. The loud sounds will not accompany the soothing pitter patter of the soft droplets. Those loud sounds were just letting me know that I will be blessed with the calmness and fresh gentle wind.

I love a Highveld storm for me there is not much that compares. To be able to feel the freshness is  satisfying.




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