Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

I am awake, I know from experience two am has not yet arrived. Into the lounge I stroll trying to sneak from the bedroom as quiet as possible-Fail! Ange turns and moans get back to sleep babes I whisper. What now how do I as quiet as possible float around until the sun shows its face?

Chilli sauce I must get a batch ready for Goolam as Ange will be catching an Uber to work before load shedding, she will see him there. Ange must call an Uber before the cut off as there will be no cell service. The reason for this being thieves stole the back-up generator from the cell tower this is typical in South Africa.

I now start preparing my sauce it must be hot as I made a previous batch for Goolam but it didn’t even touch sides. I venture into my garden it is three Am so I must be as quiet as possible. Torch in hand I pick a few of my hottest chillies into the pot they go I taste for the umpteenth time-nothing not a hint of heat.

I know this is hot because we have a sauce in the fridge which is super-hot I open it to compare the heat factor but still there is nothing oh well I am sure Goolam will let Ange know. After I have dropped most items which surround me in the kitchen I step outside to enjoy a new sunrise.

I love being up before the sun for me it is another miracle another day I have been blessed with. I am so alive today so happy and proud of the way I have fought through difficult times. Ange gave me great news last night Lauren and Jiten will be joining me in Cape Town for the marathon. Awesome I have missed my New York guide whilst I run and Jiten will join us. Well Jiten you should start training hard there is a six and a half hour cut off time I will get there so don’t let the team down.

I know today is going to be another great day as I will be venturing out with Naomi to collect Scarlet from school I can’t wait to see the look on her face as I walk into the classroom.

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