Sunday was our market day at Riverglades Estate. I made plenty spicy tomato sauce plenty chilli sauce I stocked up on my bangle collection and I took books. My aim was not to make all the money I could on the day it was to be happy and to make others happy.

After I had spent three hours selling my goods it was time for me to get home to rest. I got home and unpacked I then sat down to see what my profits were. My money is gone! Once again I have lost or misplaced an important belonging now I cannot believe what I have done it literally took five minutes to walk home so where could it have gone?

I remember Naomi helped me pack up and amongst the goodies in my bag was an odd box of some sorts. Suddenly I remember what the box is it is a gift given to me by Naomi it is my money box! I open it and inside I see all my money six odd hundred rand yee haa winner, winner chicken dinner.

The reason why I named this piece ‘happy’ is because I met two special people-Naomi and her granddaughter Scarlet. A couple of months ago our paths crossed Naomi moved in to Riverglades we met I think when I was out and about walking. Since we met we see each other most days as Naomi and I talk Scarlet runs around me her eyes are shining bright as she tries to get in a word-Bevan, Bevan. Eventually it is Scarlet and I that chat.

Where you going? Can we make bangles? Can we can we this and can we that whatever is on her mind we talk about I love being able to just talk to these two special people. Naomi is an anchor for me and Scarlet is a heap of energy which I love and need so much.

In my life people come and go once we meet all is fine and well but after first meeting they are gone for a while until we meet again. Now I have two amazing people that will be here today and tomorrow and many days after tomorrow. Everyone is special but to me Naomi and scarlet are real special I know that they go out of their way for me. I spoke to Naomi about to please not treat me as special when I brought up the “special” word she told me that I must never bring that up again. I understood and I don’t. I know that we are close friends but I would just like to say that the real special one is you Naomi. You do so much for me you have an amazing heart a giving heart which not too many have.

In my life I have found that to give and not want anything in return is a big ask from anyone but for Naomi it is who she is and i find that truly special.

Thank you Naomi and scarlet for handing out so much to me and for being there always when I need to chat or just be around someone with so much love and joy. My world is a better place with you guys in it.



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