Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain Injury Awareness Month

March-Brain injury awareness month or in my case TBI awareness month. Which-ever way it is said or written it does not matter it is still the most devastating injury one can experience. I am starting to see the beginnings of my fifth year of being a TBI survivor. Five years now which in my reality does not and will never matter it is what it is I am who I am.

I say this with perhaps one may think not much to it or as just read the most devastating injury one can sustain. Why then do I say it does not matter well it does matter of course it matters but to me TBI awareness month will come and go as do all other seasons. In reality though my season will never change, the leaves shall never turn brown and fall from the trees. One morning I shall not wake to find that the birds are chirping and the sun is warm and has chased away the chill of winter.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel well the light is neither the end of a dark tunnel nor is it the headlight of an oncoming train. You see I am happy with me I am strong and I am proud to be a survivor. In fact I am not just a survivor I am a warrior I wear the TBI cap with pride and strength. I can because I am, I am a man that fought hard to overcome this injury or should I say the thought that I have indeed scrambled my brain. I shall forever live with a brain injury it will not “get better” or go away it will stay for the rest of my life it shall be at my side just as a shadow remains beside me so will my TBI.

When there is no light when there is total darkness most are afraid not I, I am not afraid I am just me no shadow around just me and strong. I know that when I spent all those weeks in a coma-in total darkness there was only light which surrounded me. Bright light I know this because I am alive right now very alive and strong very strong.

A TBI will not break me ever it has strengthened me it has shown me that I can and I will I will because I want to.

To all those that suffer from this most devastating injury stand up in which-ever way you can stand up and live your life to the best you can. I believe you should because you are important you are the most important person in your life. One life live it and do it over and over again.

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