Forgetting the Pain

Forgetting the Pain

A couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to run the Pirates half marathon. My good friend J C Leroux posted on FB that he had two entries as he was injured so him and his girl Samantha would not run. (I think he knew of the amounts of pain this 21km would hand out and so he was “injured”) The 21km run around the Northcliff tower is said to be the hardest half marathon in Joburg.

I grab his offer and before I know it I am in an Uber. A kilometre from the start we are in a traffic jam time is running out so I get out and run to the start-waiting in a que is not part of who I am now. I collect my number I am now Samantha he he.

This is the first time I am running any race on my own it is a huge step for me. I got here on my own I will run on my own and I will get home on my own. Before I leave home I take two days to check that I have everything I need. This time I know I have not left anything behind I have to be careful to not forget anything as it is my first solo outing.

The race begins and we are off everything is awesome I have set a time goal of under three hours for this one as the Cape Town marathon has a cut off of time of 6h30. If I do the gruelling 21 under 3hrs I will float through the Cape marathon.

Once I reach the King of the mountain point on top of Northcliff ridge I am feeling strong and good I know the worst is over but true to me I got no clue of my time so far. Soon after the halfway I hear a man shouting


I look around It’s a runner that stood close to me at the start as I was talking to who-ever about my time I wanted to achieve and bla, bla, bla he obviously heard my continues chatter. He catches up to me you doing well you are well below the time you set yourself. Wow I think he overheard me and remembers what I was saying before the start.

From then on I run hard the ridge is behind me I can do this. Now there is a problem my body is giving up my ankles and knees are striking and my pelvis has joined the non-performance strike. Anyway I finish and collapse over the finish line once down I really struggle to get up. I struggle to get home and collapse on the couch.

Later that night I wake and realise why I was in so much pain… I forgot to take my pain pills which would have prevented the strike in the first place-I knew there was something I forgot.


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