It Was Me – Part 2



What is going on what the heck is happening? Julian sat in his room on his bed his mind was on fire the flames burned out of control the heat was unbearable water he needed water. He stood up and hurried the few meters to the bathroom slipping twice as he negotiated both doorways. The stumbling motion he moved in was indeed weird for him, reading the note in his shoe had totally blown him away. He did not realise how awkward and unstable it actually was whilst scurrying around with only one shoe on also the tiled floor gave him no help at all. He reached the bathroom leaned awkwardly over the basin and opened the tap straight away he filled both hands and gulped the flowing water as fast as he could. Whilst gulping between breaths he threw water over his head and his entire body and half the bathroom. As he drank he could feel the cool water running down his chest he felt it pooling around his now wet sock.

What’s going on he screamed what the fuck! He closed the tap and grabbed the towel as he started to dry his drenched body his mind had settled somewhat the flames had been subdued for the time being at least. Focus he thought just focus relax and take a step back he tried as best as possible to now not slip and crack his skull on whatever sharp corner it would be in the bathroom. This was extremely difficult the reality of the paper in his shoe and trying to not slip in his freaking bathroom and not crack his skull open.

Julian grabbed the towel to dry himself as he dried his hair he stared at the image of himself in the mirror. I look fine he thought actually I look great he said aloud to himself talking as if there was another person in the bathroom with him. Well in his mind there was another guy he was staring at him right now. He then wondered who is the crazy one him or me-fuck he then thought I’m standing in my bathroom chatting to me in the mirror oh crap!

He then finished drying himself without looking at the man in the mirror he started creeping himself out. Quickly, very quickly he dried the floor took a couple of deep breaths and hobbled back to his room the place where his shoe and that piece of whatever it is in it lay.

He walked through the doorway and saw his shoe laying quietly on the floor his eyes quickly scanned the rest of the room where he sat before the bomb exploded. That blast that somewhat strange moment the moment where his life would change forever.

“There you are you…”

He shouts again at the top of his voice

“What do you want?”

“What the fuck do you want?”

He stood at the edge of the bed shouting at first but eventually after a while once he had calmed his inner lion he started talking to the piece of paper. On and on he went chatting, chatting eventually he sat down and built up the confidence to pick it up and have another proper look.

He read the words out aloud as he read he noticed they weren’t highlighted any more once again he thought I’m sure they were highlighted. They obviously weren’t they aren’t now so they couldn’t have been. Perhaps once again it was his mind twisting his reality. He leaned forward and took off his other running shoe he will not be running right now. He has to figure this out when did he pick up this piece of paper and why is it in his shoe if it were so important in any way?

Julian decided to retrace his steps…






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