A short story

It Was Me

Two long weeks has now passed I feel down and my head is weak as if  stuck deep in a cold, dark hole-my hole my abyss. I have tried to climb the slippery walls to the bright sunlight I so desperately need but every attempt is as the others have been a failure. Today begins cold and dark but still I stand up I must I have to reach the sunlight. I decide to venture away from the high walls which hold me tight in my home. I will take an hour or so and run off the misery I find myself in before I collapse into a ball of mush and rot in a dark corner.

I used to run I ran every day I ran to clear my head I ran to stay positive and strong. Whilst I struggle to find my running gear and to focus on being positive a wave of calmness lifts and gives me strength to finish dressing. This wave brings a light-a bright light from nowhere into my cold, dark hole in an instant it sprays into every corner chasing away all traces of darkness. Mostly the light expels all my dark thoughts which I am indulged in those dark thoughts of how this would be the day I would collapse and rot away.

The thought of me rotting away was not my worst thought. A far greater one was that I had failed in standing up when I should have pushed through and overcome the darkness. The wave now lifted me and pulled me along as if it was a river flowing to its destination. Together the river and I shall reach a beautiful beach a happy place.

I am self-employed an inspirational speaker I stand in front of the crowded audience they listen to me speak so they may overcome their own demons which hold them down. I help them fight harder to find the strength they have lost to find that missing piece and so after their productive day they will be able to sleep easy at night and rest.

Now as I struggle to get up and out of my hole to clear my mind it is as if I am one of the many sitting in the audience listening to a man who himself fell but was able to get up and fight harder the next day and every day so that he can rest easy at night. I listen to him but I do not hear him the inspirational words pass through me they do not give me what I came here for. It was the river-the wave that gave me the strength. After a long while I stand up dressed to run and so I walk with vigour to the edge of the pavement at the tar road. The shiny surface seems to represent the river flowing freely towards the ocean. My thoughts take me back to my dark corner-a river my river it is a flowing river which brought me here. I jump in and my legs flow freely I run and I run as I run I see the sun has broken through the dark clouds. An hour quickly goes by as if it were a minute I get back to the place where my adventure started I jump with happiness onto the pavement. Wow I think to myself how good was that I got rid of my frustration and stopped the growth of the spare wheel. That spare wheel which accompanies one with laziness and depression. My minded closes to all else as I think deeply to myself.

Today I managed to get up and be positive what happens tomorrow will I be able to do it again? As I reach the entrance which will take me behind my high wall a noticed a small piece of dirty paper lying unnecessary before me. Why I ask myself why people not care about litter. I then bend down to pick up someone else’s garbage but before I grasp it I think why pick it up I don’t have to the wind will blow it away and it will no longer be my problem. I cannot though and so with great difficulty I grab it. Before I crumble it up I notice someone has written a note perhaps it was important to them and they lost it.

Curiosity gets the better of me and I begin to read their scribbled words. Those words would be the reason I continue to live my life the best I can. Even when I get knocked down I get up again and I wake up every morning I do it again and again. The words scribbled roughly on the dirty paper screamed out to me as if written in highlighted ink:


Was it that dirty piece of paper which has given me hope and the will to get up tomorrow and fight harder to be better to be stronger. No it wasn’t it was confirmation that I can overcome difficulties which I struggle with. It was a bonus almost a reward given to me by a stranger. I am now carried away by what has happened and so I search for the paper perhaps to figure out a better explanation for finding the piece of paper in the first place. I turn my house upside down looking I look in every corner I dig and I dig. I look in the darkest corners but still there is nothing.

Suddenly I realise I have not left my home for a few days now in fact I never went for a run in the first place. The darkness was my stupidity waking up before the sun had risen and I hadn’t turned on the lights. What an idiot I say to myself I cannot even sleep properly anymore I really need to get out and shift gears get rid of my slump.

Well it is early and I have not run for a while so I decide to hit the road for a quick run. A run will clear my mind awesome I am super positive now. I get my kit and begin to change all is good I am happy and feel strong. As I try putting my right running shoe on a tickle runs down my spine my arm hair’s stand tall. I hear and feel a crunch and I now wait for the wriggling or perhaps the bite of a spider. Nothing no wriggle I breath again and put my hand in my shoe to grasp the unknown.

What the heck!!!!!!!

I pull out a dirty piece of crumpled paper I open it and I read those words…. TODAY………

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