My beautiful Ange

My Beautiful Ange

A week ago Ange had packed her bags and was ready for her venture into Life hospital. Ange fell and hurt her foot some four years ago she should have gone to have it looked at but didn’t. I know why she didn’t because as normal our medical aid was used up-used up and over flowing because of me now Ange would wear a smile on her face as she cringed in pain from her foot.

Many times I notice Ange is in pain it’s your foot again I would say yip but its fine don’t worry she would reply. After so many years of pain now that pain has been put to rest. The bone has been re broken and reset and now as it hides beneath those bandages healing and strengthening.

I have been looking after Ange since her return from the hospital making sure that I can do everything I can so she can recover the best way possible. In truth I am loving being able to help her it is my turn to be the caregiver it feels good that I have come so far and now am able to take care for the love of my life.

One of the most difficult things Ange went through whilst in hospital was not being able to shower or bath properly. After coming home it would not change until today as it is so difficult to get Ange into a proper bath.

Now it would change I would get her into a shower… yee haa shower hour. We bought a foot rest for her leg to be able to be constantly elevated but today it will become a shower chair. Wrap the bandage in a ‘checkers’ packet crutches and all into the shower. After a while I see her face shining bright her first shower in a week-winner, winner chicken dinner I once again have a happy wife success.

Back to the couch and in her happy place Ange can smile again knowing that whilst she recovers she can now shower in a proper shower even though it will be in a seated position. This is just fine it’s a shower I am also happy twice a day I get to enjoy shower hour!



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