Little Big Man

Little Big Man

Strangers look down at him, they see him as broken. He is not broken he is stronger than most he stood up to the grim reaper. The little big man stood tall as the reaper approached him he stood tall and used his might to fight and fight he did. He knew that he would have to fight the hardest battle he had ever fought he knew this and so it drove him to victory. The reaper would not be taking him not today not for a long time.

Yes he now looks small and the reality is all that see him look down at him. They do as he is in a seated position for now but he will stand and when he does he will stand tall. I do not know the little big man too well I have only met him once. The time I met him I became breathless I knew he fought hard. I knew this I was there I fought off that dark reaper I know I fought hard I had to my time here was not over. We spoke in silence and we heard each other’s silent voice loud and clear.

I looked into his eyes and I saw courage I saw greatness I saw strength and I saw a powerful man. The young man and I did not hold a lengthy conversation we did not have to. Deep down we both knew our strength and we both knew we fought hard to get back to this world.

That boy gave me strength of unknown quantities he gave me a gift this was to never give up. I was told about this boy whilst in New York and I needed to see him so that he could see how I have become strong. Perhaps be someone he could think about when he was weak and alone. A TBI is a devastating injury it is lonely and scary but it is up to the injured to stand tall once again and to fight harder. We have to we can and we will we will show all that although it is a devastating injury we are strong, stronger than death itself.


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